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Washington DC

Limo service from Connecticut (CT) to Washington DC

The US capital of Washington, DC is one of the most visited cities in the United States, providing a range of fascinating activities, ranging from discovering about American politics and literature to seeing some of the country’s most famous sights.Awesome restaurants, art, cultural attractions, and much more can be found in this vibrant area.


The place is home to many museums, you could spend many hours at every museum, from the Air and Space Museum to the National Museum of American History to the Natural History Museum and the American Indian Museum, and still not see anything. A trip to Washington, DC is not complete without a stop at one of these illustrious institutions.


One of the most common things to do in Washington, DC is to take a tour of the epic White House. To procure tickets, you must prepare ahead of time and submit requests. It has been known for reservations to take a month or more, but it is well worth the wait to see the White House real close.

The Top places you should not miss while in Washington DC:

The White House

The most famous White House is the President of the United States’ official residence. It was designed by James Hoban in 1792 and was later restored in 1818 after being burned to the ground by British forces in 1814. It has been the residence of every president except George Washington. Though tours of the interior, which include the East, Blue, Green, and Red Rooms, the Ballroom, and the State Dining Room, must be scheduled in advance via your Congressional office or embassy, any visitor to Washington would want to see it from the outside.

Limo service from Connecticut (CT) to Washington DC
Limo service from Connecticut (CT) to Washington DC

The Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial, the most well-known of all Washington’s memorials, is located at the far end of the mall, segregated from the Washington Monument by the Reflecting Pool. A 19-foot giant statue of President Abraham Lincoln, sitting and contemplative, stands in the middle, accompanied by 36 columns, one for each of the states that existed at the time of Lincoln’s death. This is the most well-known work by conceptual artist Daniel Chester French.

The Washington Monument

The Washington Monument’s 555-foot white shaft is a well-known symbol of the National Mall and a stunning sight, particularly when reflected in the long Reflecting Pool at its base. The obelisk honoring the nation’s first president was not built without difficulty. When the tower exceeded 156 feet in height in 1854, political maneuvering and a shortage of funding halted the project for many years, and the Civil War added to the delays, resulting in the tower not being finished until 1885.

Limo service from Connecticut (CT) to Washington DC

National Air and Space Museum

The National Air and Space Museum is among the most visited museums in the world, with a selection of historic aircraft and spacecraft that includes the original 1903 Wright Brothers Flyer and Charles Lindbergh’s Spirit of St. Louis, the very first plane to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean. The science, history, and technology of aerospace and space travel are depicted in ongoing and evolving exhibits that cover topics such as the use of airpower in both world wars, the space program, flight founders, and cutting-edge flight and space technology.

Major Universities in Washington

Our luxury Limo service from Connecticut (CT) to Washington DC allows you to visit the top universities in Washington with the most comfortable and hassle-free rides in the country. Our drivers will guide your rides to the university campus along with covering all the nearby areas. Some of the major and top universities that we are covering are:

  • University of Washington
  • Gonzaga University 
  • Seattle University
  • Washington State University
  • Seattle Pacific University
  • Whitman College
  • Whitworth University

Major Airports in Washington

Limo service from Connecticut (CT) to Washington DC is your ideal partner when it comes to picking you and dropping you at the airport. We have been engaged in minivan car service and comfortable black car service for many years with the best customer output. Our luxurious car rides will give you the best experience when we are picking you up or dropping you off at the airports. Let’s give you an overview of the major airports that we are covering near Washington:

  • Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (STIA)
  • Spokane International Airport (SIA)
  • Bellingham International Airport (BIA) 
  • Yakima Air Terminal/McAllister Field (YATMF) 
  • Pangborn Memorial (PM)
  • Tri-Cities (TC)
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